Hi I'm YiFan

(Pronounced as ee-fan or 轶凡)


Nice to meet you

I'm a systematic thinker with a knack for visual craft. I design compelling digital narratives stemmed from empathetic problem-solving.

Initially, I began my studies in engineering before discovering the perfect intersection of logic and creativity in Interaction Design. Now, I spend my days curating thoughtful & easy-to-use solutions for complex problems, integrating my interest in psychology, business, and storytelling. My blended background has taught me to seek inspiration from places far and wide and a love for collaborating with diverse perspectives.

I get my daily dose of serotonin from creating delightful experiences. Previously, I designed intuitive workflows for business analytics and personal finance tools.

If you have a cool project in mind, feel free to shoot me a message.

Hobbies n' things

Outside of work, I’m an avid dog-petter, aspiring polyglot, and connoisseur of soft-boiled eggs. I recharge my creativity through making comics, forest bathing, and practicing my handstand. In my free time, I like to sort my thoughts into blog posts, bookshelves, & pinterest boards.

Giving back

Aspiring designer?

As a first-gen POC college student working in tech, I owe much of my success in entering design to the help of mentors, peers, and the various resources available to me. If you’re a design student, this section shares a collection of my favourites to help you get started.

Design Mentorship

ADPList / Design Buddies/ Femke