SAP Internship

Reflections from an UX Design Intern

my role
UX Design Intern in SAP Analytics Cloud
(Augmented Business Intelligence Team)
Adobe Illustrator
time frame
Sept 2021 - Apr 2022
Work is under NDA
happy 8 months!

What did you work on?

While my NDA prevents me from sharing my design projects publicly, I'd be happy to share my reflections in person.

Feel free to reach out via my email:

Alright so

What did you learn?

To give you a sneak peek, here are some of my lessons as a UX Design Intern:

It's the people that counts

As a first-time intern, I'm lucky enough to be in an environment that supports my growth and career. Since arriving at SAP, I've had the pleasure to work alongside senior designers that have shown me their absolute diligence & care that goes into their respective crafts, all of which have been incredibly inspiring to learn from.

Not everything has to be pixel-perfect

I love a perfectly aligned mockup as much as the next designer but there's a time and place for that level of detail.

Sometimes fidelity can be reduced if the goal is to communicate the contextual model rather than confirming the exact UX specifications with developers for example. Identifying the purpose & audience of your visual documents will help clarify the level of fidelity needed for each project.

Advocate for your users

There will be opposing voices in the room. Other stakeholders will have equally valuable opinions that determine the project direction & timeline. And perhaps it's always a balancing act amongst multi-disciplinary teams.

As a UX designer, it's your duty to protect the interests of your users and champion the best solutions forward. Use your best professional voice to defend your position.

Make a master component

This is a big time-saver for making design presentations in Figma.

Create a master slide that includes reoccurring components shared amongst the majority of pages in your presentations. Then make subsequent tweaks to your master slide as necessary instead of spending extra time cross-matching XY coordinates between different slides.

Work smart, not hard 🧠 ⚡


The SAP Intern Community — SAP iXp

Being a part of the SAP internship program, I wanted to contribute to the vibrancy of the community in some way. In the second month of my term, I was selected as one of the Communications Designers. 

I released bi-weekly newsletters to share iXp news (which we wittily called "WhatSAP") and created vector graphics for our video series to welcome the incoming cohort of interns.

Murray Link Project — SAP d-Shop

The d-Shop is home to a variety of innovative side-projects headed by employees. I joined Murray Link because I was interested in learning about how design supports the healthcare & blockchain industries. The project matches patients to suitable organ donations using a pan-Canada database, the Canadian Organ Replacement Register (CORR).

As this project differed in nature from my regular work assignments, I was able to gain valuable UX skills while designing for a healthcare product.

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