Enabling personal investments


Interaction Designer




May 2022 - Aug 2022


Over the summer of 2022, I was an interaction designer on the MyAdvisor team at RBC. I created userflows & conducted research for personal investments and pension plan, working on multiple platforms within the product.


I worked on augmentation efforts for a major feature, integrated research insights into userflows, as well as contributed to MyAdvisor's first design system. I'm not able to detail my work due to NDA. Please reach out for more.


A look back

01 — Working with multidisciplinary designers

At RBC, I was part of a design squad that consisted of multidisciplinary roles. This provided me with an valuable opportunity to learn and work alongside teammates with diverse perspectives. The inclusive and collaborative approach to design at RBC ensured that everyone's opinions were heard and considered at every stage of the process, allowing us to create optimal user experiences.

02 — Cross-product conversations

At RBC, there were groups called design "chapters". These chapters hosted weekly "show and tell" sessions where members could showcase their work and explore their interests, promoting and enhancing the design culture within the bank. I really appreciated this initiative, as it systematically improved the design culture by fostering conversations across different product teams, and providing continuous learning opportunities through the sharing of resources and updates on the latest design trends to members.

03 — Everything is figure-out-able

During my summer, I worked on the MyAdvisor platform, which was known for being one of the most complex systems within the bank. Though it was challenging to quickly learn financial concepts and terminologies, luckily I was supported by a knowledgeable and generous stakeholders who were always willing to share their expertise. By approaching problems with a research mindset and challenging assumptions, I was able to gain a thorough understanding of the system and tackle design challenges with confidence.


Learning beyond

Motion Design for FinTech

As a part of our weekly show & tell sessions during IxD design chapter meetings, I created a workshop to introduce my favourite Figma feature: Smart Animate. I developed the lesson for designers who've yet to flex their prototyping muscles but are eager to learn. The experience gave me the chance to share my knowledge and help others grow in their design skills, making a meaningful contribution to the community.


My presentation generated exciting conversations on how to incorporate motion design to bring delight to the user journey for RBC products. Designers from diverse backgrounds participated in the discussion, sharing their personal experiences and insights. Although these ideas may not be implemented right away, my presentation provided a platform for people to develop and refine their concepts for future discussions and consideration.